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Please click on the "Categories" tab above to view and select from our collection of lovingly restored recordings, or use the "Index" feature in the "Search" tool above to customize your search. New CDs and downloads from ongoing restoration projects may be found under "What's New". Many of our offerings are restorations from LPs and tapes contributed by customers. Please send comments, reviews, and other communication by clicking on the "More" link above. Thank you for visiting, and enjoy the Klassic Haus Restorations website! 


Curt Timmons


Featured Restoration:

Karl Ristenpart conducts Mendelssohn & Schumann

KHDC-2011-013RM - Click image to view Purchase Page and audition an MP3 sample
Classic Nonesuch LPs originally restored in 2011,
remastered 2015 using mint sources,
new turntable & software for improved quality
Available as CD, MP3 and FLAC downloads
Click on image to view Purchase Page