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East Side-West Side – Soundtrack from the 1963 CBS-TV – Music by Kenyon Hopkins

Monday, October 17th, 2011

KHCD-ST009 (STEREO) – East Side-West Side – Soundtrack from the 1963 CBS-TV Production – Music composed and conducted by Kenyon Hopkins – This dramatic series featured stories about child abuse, drug abuse, rip-offs of the welfare system, crime; all of the problems of the inner city. The series centered on George C. Scott in the role of Neil Brock, a New York City social worker who worked for the private agency Community Welfare Service, with his secretary, Jane Foster, played by African-American actress Cicely Tyson. The series aired for only one season, despite the high quality of both the writing and acting,  because of the show’s penchant for taking on touchy topics forcing many potential advertisers to avoid sponsorship of the show. The music fit the mood and scenes of the show admirably, as composed by Kenyon Hopkins. The CD is derived from a clean demo Columbia stereo LP, and this reissue brings the exciting, biting score back to life.

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