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Berlioz: Symphonie funébrae et triomphale – PPB/Dondeyne (1958 & 1976)

Monday, March 26th, 2012

KHCD-2012-004 (1958 & 1976 STEREO) – Berlioz: Symphonie Funèbre et Triomphale, Op. 15 (H 80, 1st and 2nd versions)) – Recordings from 1958 & 1976 by Musique des Gardiens de la Paix de Paris/Chorale Populaire de Paris (in the 1958 recording)/Désiré Dondeyne, conductor (First time release together on CD) –  Historic, idiomatic performances of  Berlioz’s wind band symphony, in recordings considered definitive by many wind band enthusiasts. Recorded both times (1958 &1976) in the spacious acoustic of l’énglise Notre-Dame du Liban á Paris, the Musique des Gardiens de la Paix de Paris offer a unique timbre so well suited to the ceremonial and celebratory atmosphere this music demands. Both the 1st and second versions are offered on this disc; the MP3 sample offers a taste of the last movement with and without chorus. A must-have CD for any wind ensemble recording collector.

Click here for an MP3 sample of this one-of-a-kind CD of Berlioz’s Symphonie Funèbre et Triomphale, available on Klassic Haus Restorations.

Cheers – Curt Timmons

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